Thanks, IDC!

While the rest of the LOW ENERGY New York Democrats have stood in the way, Jeff Klein and the rest of the IDC has "crossed the aisle" to team up with the GOP!

His very smart alliance in the State Senate ensures we can FINALLY- end wasteful housing programs, stop abortion, & fix our TERRIBLE schools.

Together, we can 


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  • Thank you Diane Savino for stopping spending on wasteful inner city schools!

  • Thank you David Velesky for getting us one step closer to ending abortion in NY!

  • Thank you Jose Peralta for blocking illegals from going to public colleges and stealing OUR jobs!

  • Jesse Hamilton takes money from police unions and landlords. Look it up!

  • Thank you Tony Avella for supporting developers and getting tough on crooked unions!

  • Thank you Marisol Alcantara for stopping GENDA and other radical pro-gay, anti-family laws.

  • Thanks David Carlucci, for blocking dumb, wasteful environmental laws!

  • Thanks Jeff Klein, for ending WASTEFUL housing programs, and for being so open!

  • And thank you most of all, John Flanagan for keeping it together after the Democrats WRONGFULLY arrested your predecessor for "corruption"